One Size Does Not Fit All!


Since 1984, AccountMate has led the way in providing powerful, flexible business management and accounting software to the mid-market. AccountMate offers award-winning products and services that have revolutionized the way small and mid-sized companies do business in today's marketplace.

Thousands of companies have put their trust in AccountMate to deliver innovative business and financial management software solutions that answer their business challenges today and empower them for greater success tomorrow.

  • AccountMate for SQL

    AccountMate SQL is a real-time, customizable business management and accounting solution designed to address the needs of medium-sized businesses. AccountMate takes advantage of the speed of client/server technology and the latest productivity-enhancing tools from Microsoft's BackOffice suite of products to create an inclusive solution that is designed to help you better manage your business.

  • AccountMate for MSDE

    AccountMate for MSDE is designed for small businesses that desire the stability and speed of an SQL database without incurring the expense of Microsoft's SQL server licenses.

    Designed for up to 5 users and with a 2-gigabyte database limit, AccountMate for MSDE can be easily and quickly customized to fit your business processes and includes these powerful features:

    • Drill-down analysis permits instantaneous viewing of cash flow details
    • Flexibility in line item entry means inventory items can be arranged in an order that matches your business processes
    • Modifiable source code adapts AccountMate to the way you do business
    • Multilingual capabilities support worldwide operations
    • Multi-currency enables transactions in any currency
    • Network ready supports up to 5 simultaneous users

  • AccountMate LAN Version

    Visual AccountMate LAN 5.0 is our award-winning financial information solution that fulfills the needs of small to mid-sized businesses. Written from the ground up in 32-bit Visual FoxPro object-oriented code, the software can be customized quickly and easily to fit the way you like to do business.

    Visual AccountMate LAN 5.0 offers a wealth of powerful features such as multilingual capability, transaction rollback, drill down analysis and graphical presentations of inventory items you want your customers to see. Visual AccountMate LAN 5.0 is extremely user-friendly, with a short and easy learning curve specially suited to today's fast-paced environment