Process Billings Quickly and Accurately

Generating a billing doesn't have to be the time-consuming, gut-wrenching task it once was. With Visual Utility Billing (VUB™), billing is fast and easy.

VUB™ puts you in control of the process from beginning to end, using a simple process:

  • Set up your job by defining the billing period. A message can even be added to each bill.
  • Select the services and service classes to be billed.
  • Download meter readings from your automated system. Third-party reading can be imported, or you can just enter your meter reading if you don't have an automated reading system.
  • VUB™ can produce estimated meter readings based on the historical period you specify.
  • Generate a billing register to check your work. Deviation reports help find questionable bills before they are mailed.
  • Preview and print your bills, using laser printers. Our templates include everything from postcard billing on blank stock (very cost-effective) to single-page bills with graphical bar charts.
  • When you are satisfied that all is in order, update your files with a single mouse click!