VUB™ Speeds Debt Collection

Life sure would be easier if everyone paid their bill on time. Until they do, Visual Utility Billing (VUB™) gives you an easy, yet powerful tool to help you collect your funds.

  • Late Notices or Reminders to Pay: Have the system automatically generate a late notice list, print the notice, and update the account.
  • Legal/Certified Letters can be generated if the account is past due (you decide when). Mailing costs and administrative charges can be automatically charged to the accounts – a growing practice among government services.
  • Door Hangers can also be generated by the system, to legally notify the customer and tenant of a pending shut-off. As with all notices, the account history is updated.
  • Liens can also be entered and tracked in VUB™ The system will calculate the pay-off to the day, to the penny.