Professional Staff

Our highly trained and bonded staff is responsible for helping nearly 200 government and private utilities bill some 500,000 customers each month.

Well Equipped

We are the developers and support staff for Visual Utility Billing Software, one of the most powerful and flexible utility billing systems in North America. We leverage our people with high end color laser printers, mailing equipment and active web portals for you and your customers.

Laser Printer

Choose any one or all 4 Service Bureau functions

Billing Service

  • Key or import consumption / meter reading.
  • Print / Mail / email bills. Custom or Template Bills available.
  • Post Penalties & Interest.
  • Send collection notices to delinquent accounts.
  • Prepare accounts for lien, turn-off, sheriff sales.
  • Provide ACH payment option.

Lockbox Service

  • Bonded staff.
  • Collect and post payments from Lockbox daily.
  • Deposit money daily to FDIC insured bank account under your name.

Customer Call Center

  • Provide toll-free phone support for your customers from 9AM - 4PM Mon - Fri.
  • Optional automated phone call to delinquent accounts.
  • Deposit money daily to FDIC insured bank account under your name.


  • DTC can provide consumption reports, billing reports – any task report, for any time-frame as part of our monthly service.
  • Better yet, you can run any report at any time with up-to-date info from your own internet connected PC.
  • Fast, easy, secure.