Simplify the Processing of Online Payments

With electronic bill payments becoming ever more popular, you can quickly gain control of this technology with AR-Box.

AR-Box from Creative Payment Solutions gives your municipality a browser-based receivables processing system. It consolidates all of your electronic payment information from numerous payment processors into a single source.

How AR-Box Works

After consumers pay their bills online, they are sent electronically to various payment processors for debiting from their checking accounts. This payment information is then sent to AR-Box, which credits your account at your financial institution. An automated accounts receivables file is uploaded to your accounting system eliminating manual data entry.

Key features and benefits:

  • Automated daily accounts receivables updates to your accounting system
  • State-of-the-art online receivables processing
  • No capital investment
  • Easy to use – browser-based system
  • Multiple levels of access and security
  • Reduces your administrative time and expense
  • Web-based reporting tools and transaction search capabilities
  • Cost-effective solution for any size municipality