Increase Field Efficiency with VUB™ AMR

Handheld ARMVisual Utility Billing has built-in interfaces to work with all major meter-reading equipment in the United States, including touch-read and radio-read systems. If you are thinking about changing your meter-read system, ask us about VUB™ AMR.

VUB™ Automated Meter Reading is a separate software module designed to run on any Microsoft mobile device, including hand-helds and smart phones. Used by the person reading the meters, it is easy to learn and easy to use, just like all VUB™ products.

With VUB™ AMR, you can:

Smart Phone

  • Increase field efficiency. VUB™ AMR can alert the meter reader if a reading is above or below the customer's typical usage. It asks them to verify the reading or re-enter it, saving trips to re-read or amend incorrect billing.
  • Use any Windows CE device. Symbol or Psion hand-helds to PDAs and smart phones—any Windows mobile device with appropriate memory can become part of your AMR system.
  • Reduce Costs. VUB™ AMR is a low-cost alternative to meter or hardware-specific systems, offering all of the major functionality at an easy-to-budget cost.