Manage Work Orders Seamlessly

Customer Maintenance Screen

The VUB™ Work Order Module is a powerful, easy-to-use application that tracks services requested and those provided at each service address. You can quickly enter, track and report on open and completed work orders.

Familiar Interface
Use the same easy Customer Lookup by name, service address or account number. Print the work order wherever you want, or send it electronically to a smart phone or other computer.

Respond Quickly to Customer Requests for Service
VUB™ Work Orders can be entered while the customer is on the phone, and sent electronically to the field person. For 24 X 7 customer service, work orders can be filled and submitted via your Web site.

Track and Report
Track work orders by date, by service, by status – even by person, if you like. The VUB™ Work Order Module enables flexible reporting, from daily scheduling to board reports. It is also a great tool for projecting future resource requirements.

Streamline Field Work
Workers can take printed paper and add the information you want tracked: date, time, material used, comments and status. You choose who can see and update work order information.